Katnat Disabled Equipment Ltd

Massive thank you to everyone at James Beattie Charitable trust for their donation.

This will be used to help provide

disabled children in Wolverhampton with therapy equipment.

This equipment will be used for them to continue therapy at home giving them the benefit they need, building up their strength, motor skills and helping them learn to walk.

You should be very proud of what you do.

Mark Dickinson



Mark Dickinson, an amateur DIY enthusiast and veteran of the Royal Anglian Regiment, has been making the equipment as a more cost-efficient way of making early intervention therapy equipment more accessible for disabled children.

Mark set up the KatNat not-for-profit organisation because of his granddaughter Nathelene who has cerebral palsy. The private therapy ultimately ended up costing around £13,000, where Nathelene mainly used a tool called the Pikler Triangle.

Mark talked about the cost of the equipment that inspired him to make his own, he said: “My daughter told me that the piece of equipment she used was around £160 – it cost me around £30 to make myself.

“I decided after that that I would carry on making the equipment for those who need them. I hate seeing families who need this stuff going without, If they don’t have the equipment at home then they don’t get the same opportunity to grow really.”





1st Bilston Scout Group

We have recently received your kind donation of £750 – which is a fantastic help towards the work we are doing at the group.

1st Bilston Scout Group is one of the oldest in the World and has been in existence (on the same site in Bilston, Wolverhampton, West Midlands) since 1908, so a 115 year tradition of offering scouting to the young people of the area.

We have always owned our own property, but in early 2021 after almost 10 years of work we managed to purchase the land we occupy from the local council. We have already completed two phases of project work – land purchase, fencing, landscaping and memorial groundworks. In part due to the ever increasing costs of running the building and the group, we have been struggling for funds to complete the third phase of the program. Your kind donation will help with this.

This phase is the refurbishment of the hut (which we have somewhat neglected over the 10 years pending us securing our place on the site) with decorating inside and out, a new kitchen and equipment and the purchase of some replacement key equipment including tables and chairs.

With us being a full and active group our core and reserve funds maintain the running of the building and the group but to continue to thrive we need to invest in our building and equipment and your donation will make a massive difference to the group and the wider users of the building.

Thank you.

Stuart Evans
Group Scout Leader
1st Bilston Scout Group