The Pioneer Centre, Shropshire

The generous funding from The James Beattie Charitable Trust enables us to provide young people with experiences that will last so many of them a lifetime.

The young people experience the full range of emotions that makes the Pioneer Centre such a great place for learning and challenge to occur. Nothing beats the resounding thunderous chorus of ‘Thank You’s’ echoing in the dining hall, the terrifying and triumphant screams throughout the activities or the watery eyes of sadness of the many unwilling to depart as they walk past reception. One thing is sure, the preparation for those young people’s future has taken a step forward.

Thank you to the Trustees for allowing us to provide these life-changing oopportunities.



John Whittaker

Chief Executive

Pioneer Centre, Shropshire

  01604 499699
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NAYC & ACUK, Kings Park Road, Northampton, NN3 6LL

Lupus UK

LUPUS UK is the only national registered charity that supports people with lupus, their friends and family. The purpose of the charity is to relieve a person suffering from lupus and to advance the education of the public and the medical profession in all aspects of the disease. The charity supports resear ch projects in the hope of one day finding a cure and funds Lupus Specialist Nurses across the UK. The charity has a strong welfare fund which provides people in desperate need of support with much-needed equipment to enhance their quality of life. The vision of the charity is ‘a world where people with lupus can live full and active lives’.

With the help of The James Beattie Charitable Trust, LUPUS UK can provide support to one, two or possibly three lupus patients with debilitating symptoms, depending upon their circumstances. Providing patients with much-needed equipment allows for a more comfortable and independent lifestyle.

Once again, thank you for supporting the work of LUPUS UK.





Chanpreet Walia

Social Media & Appeals Officer

St. James House

Eastern Road


Essex   RM1 3NH

Tel: 01708731251


Helping Rotary and Santa in the Community!

A huge “Thank You” goes to James Beattie Charitable Trust for helping support Bilston & Wolverhampton West Rotary Club this year, with a fantastic donation, to add to our funding requirements, in order to fully update our Santa Sleigh and to purchase a bespoke Santa grotto to have with us for our collection evenings around the residential estates and streets of Bilston and for the procession along Bilston High St for the Christmas lights switch on.
This will give such pleasure to the local communities, especially the children, as Santa and his sleigh are now becoming so popular after 4 years since we began and everyone locally asks us on social media when we are visiting their street.
Rotary is all about helping the local community with our many charitable events and Christmas is a huge part of what we do locally whilst also doing great work both nationally and internationally.
Feel free to contact us should you wish to help in any way by calling our secretary Ken Dolman on 07968 052936 or Bob Stolz 07976 890450 

Wildside Activity Centre

Wildside Activity Centre

Wildside Activity Centre is a small charity offering outdoor and nature related activities for health, fun and learning. Our unique canalside oasis in the heart of Wolverhampton is a welcoming place for everyone. In many different ways, we get people outdoors and learning about nature. All ages, all abilities – we reconnect people with nature – from toddlers to the elderly.

The James Beattie Trust has given us great encouragement and flexible help. Their award this year is supporting our work with long-term unemployed people which takes volunteers to do outdoor conservation work such as canal bank renovation, building a pond for a school or creating a sensory garden for a residential home.

Many of these volunteers have faced multiple challenges such as substance misuse or learning difficulties and for most of them, unemployment has shattered their confidence. We work with them to re-build confidence, social skills, work readiness and practical vocational skills and are seeing an increase in the numbers now successfully entering work.

Thank you so much.

Liz Hoggarth
Wildside Activity Centre
01902 572240

Circus Starr

At Circus Starr, we’re on a mission to be the UK’s most inclusive circus. Established for the benefit of local communities, Circus Starr is an innovative, not-for-profit social enterprise who is passionate about the promotion and accessibility of live performance to an audience frequently excluded from the arts and cultural opportunities. Our relaxed and inclusive performances are designed to embrace the whole family so that they can experience and be inspired by an art form that has traditionally broken down boundaries and brought together communities in unexpected ways.

Because of the support of The James Beattie Trust we are able to be able to bring a celebration of circus to those who struggle socially and give them the chance to overcome fears, to explore live performance and try new adventures.


“My daughter’s additional needs puts strain on us all. Her siblings struggle with the limitations her needs put on us. Having fun as a family recharges us and gives us lighter moments and happy memories.

Photographs by Paul Empsom

Judith Halle

Grants and Trusts Manager
For and on behalf of Circus Starr

T:  01260 288690



Hope into Action:Black Country

Our multi-disciplinary team approach to the 18 to 25s provides professional, empowering support to two houses in the Black Country.  Understanding the impact of those coming from the care system directly, whilst others are simply rejected by family and friends or are ex-offenders.

Empowerment – Paid professional Empowerment Officers help keep residents focused on maintaining their residency, accessing public funds and obtaining employment, where this applies.

Relationships – Trained volunteer ‘friends with a purpose’ journey through life with the residents on a weekly basis.

Family – Partner churches available and open to welcome those on the fringes of society, bringing a sense of family by adopting those who society has socially excluded.

The funds provided by The James Beattie Trust will benefit Hope into Action:Black Country enormously, as we firstly don’t pass on the charity’s costs of support to the tenants, so that we can charge rents low enough to encourage the transition from benefits to paid employment.

Merylen Pearce
Black Country Franchise Manager
Hope into Action: Black Country
A subdivision of the Enterprise Homes Group Ltd
  07806 893447

Police Community Clubs of Great Britain

The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain is a charity run and managed by Retired and Serving Police Officers whose mission is to ‘inspire young people to lead healthy lifestyles, make the most of their potential and become good, responsible citizens’.

Through the incredible generosity of the James Beattie Charitable Trust we were able to provide resources to over 450 young people aged between 9-11 years old across primary schools in Wolverhampton, educating the young people on the risk factors associated with; involvement or becoming a victim of crime, anti-social behaviour, promote responsible citizenship values, increase self-esteem and confidence to help maximise personal potential.

Michael Fitzgerald

Police Community Clubs of Great Britain                   

PO Box 315




Telephone: 0844 2570024

Listening Books

The James Beattie Trust has supported Listening Books in delivering our audiobook service to many people in the local community who find it difficult or impossible to read print due to an impairment, such as arthritis, glaucoma or dyslexia.  Such fantastic support has helped to spread the joy of reading throughout Wolverhampton via the spoken word.


Thank you again for your help.

Robert Marchant

Development and Office Manager

020 7407 9417

12 Lant Street, London SE1 1QH



Brickkiln Dunstall Gateway Club

The Club has been running 30 years and provides tailored social activities for 17 profoundly disabled Members over the age of 25 residing in the City of Wolverhampton.

Our activities include arts and crafts, cultural themed evenings, indoor gardening, adapted sports and in the summer months visits to nearby places of interest. If the Club did not exist many of our Members would not have any meaningful social life.

We rely on the generosity of local and national charitable organisations for funding and we are particularly grateful to the James Beattie Charitable Trust who has provided both financial support and encouragement for many years.

Theodora Children’s Charity- Giggle Doctor

We want to say a big thank you to The James Beattie Trust for your very generous donation, which will provide magical Giggle Doctor moments to 100 sick children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital this year.

A stay in hospital can be very frightening for a child. Our Giggle Doctors visit children individually at their bedside. They combine music, play and storytelling to bring magical moments to children facing huge challenges with their health.

“My daughter didn’t want to talk, eat or drink after her operation but then Dr Snug and Dr Geehee appeared and worked their magic. She ate, drank and spoke! She even got up and danced. Thank you so much!”

Amy Calcutt
Fundraising and Communications Coordinator

D      +44 (0)20 7841 0531
M      +44 (0)7507 702 698
Mail :