The Pioneer Centre, Shropshire

The generous funding from The James Beattie Charitable Trust enables us to provide young people with experiences that will last so many of them a lifetime.

The young people experience the full range of emotions that makes the Pioneer Centre such a great place for learning and challenge to occur. Nothing beats the resounding thunderous chorus of ‘Thank You’s’ echoing in the dining hall, the terrifying and triumphant screams throughout the activities or the watery eyes of sadness of the many unwilling to depart as they walk past reception. One thing is sure, the preparation for those young people’s future has taken a step forward.

Thank you to the Trustees for allowing us to provide these life-changing oopportunities.



John Whittaker

Chief Executive

Pioneer Centre, Shropshire

  01604 499699
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Lupus UK

LUPUS UK is the only national registered charity that supports people with lupus, their friends and family. The purpose of the charity is to relieve a person suffering from lupus and to advance the education of the public and the medical profession in all aspects of the disease. The charity supports resear ch projects in the hope of one day finding a cure and funds Lupus Specialist Nurses across the UK. The charity has a strong welfare fund which provides people in desperate need of support with much-needed equipment to enhance their quality of life. The vision of the charity is ‘a world where people with lupus can live full and active lives’.

With the help of The James Beattie Charitable Trust, LUPUS UK can provide support to one, two or possibly three lupus patients with debilitating symptoms, depending upon their circumstances. Providing patients with much-needed equipment allows for a more comfortable and independent lifestyle.

Once again, thank you for supporting the work of LUPUS UK.





Chanpreet Walia

Social Media & Appeals Officer

St. James House

Eastern Road


Essex   RM1 3NH

Tel: 01708731251