Brickkiln Gateway Club

The Club which has been in existence since 1989 became a registered charity in October 2004. The object of the Club is to provide quality leisure time for our 16 Members now over the age of 40years who have a range of disabilities and support needs. Our tailored activities include arts and crafts, cultural themed evenings, indoor gardening, adapted sports and in the summer months visits to nearby places of interest. It is our hope that our activities will enable our Members to become more integrated within the community as a whole and lead to a better understanding of their needs by others. If the Club did not exist many of our Members would not have any meaningful social life. We rely on grants for funding and we are particularly grateful to the James Beattie Charitable Trust for their financial support and encouragement over many years.

Brickkiln Dunstall Gateway Club

Meets: Monday evenings 7.00 to 9.00

For further information about this club please contact Jane Ceresa

Telephone: 01902 330130

Mobile: 07931 316741