The Giving Hands Mission

We are indeed very grateful for your donation which we received in     2019 and for your continuous support.

We are glad to let you know the impact of your donation, what we have been able to achieve with it including photos of our work with service users (The homeless, individuals and families in need of food and clothing and all those around us facing severe deprivation).

With your support, we have been helping the homeless and rough sleepers, the poor and needy, those with severe debt problems, those leaving hostels and rehab centres, those with health problems, the socially isolated, those fleeing domestic violence, those having severe depression, the underprivileged and disadvantaged, and all those within our reach whose lives are a struggle due to the hardship that they face daily.

Also with your support, we were able food, fruits, clothing, sleeping bags, furniture and household items to families and individuals who are living in poverty in order for them to step into a better and more comfortable way of living. For the homeless, we went further by helping to secure accommodation, assist them to apply for benefits and train them so they can be ready for work. In addition, for those of our service users who have a place to live and are not being able to afford electricity/gas, we provide them with electric/gas top-up vouchers, so they can have electricity, hot water, stay warm and be able to make hot meals for themselves and their children.

All items and services are provided free of charge to all our service users.

The planned outcome of our project is to help the homeless, the poor and needy, and aged people to attain a better quality of life. The key outcome is to help them to develop their independence, develop their self-confidence, increase their ability to tackle setbacks, improve their ability to identify and change negative behaviour and generally to have improved and better lives.

Kindly find attached photos of our work.

Kind regards,

George Peter

On behalf of the Team @ Giving Hands


The MSA Trust

The Multiple System Atrophy Trust was delighted to receive a grant from The James Beattie Charitable Trust, specifically for our work providing specialist support and practical help to families in Wolverhampton affected by the terminal neurodegenerative disease MSA. Our work helps our members when they are at their most vulnerable: “We took Dad to a support group, where he could see what the future looked like and learn how to make the most of the present. He spoke to your nurse and briefly escaped the isolated feeling that so many MSA patients can experience when locked in to a body that won’t do what their mind so ardently wishes. You enabled Dad to see the future, and prepare for it accordingly.
Thank you again for your support.
0333 323 4591

Oasis Soup Kitchen

To the Trustees of the James Beattie Charitable Trust-

Thank you so much for your generous gift for the Oasis Soup Kitchen.

This will be spent on food for the under privileged in the Wolverhampton area.  We have been going now for 15 years in March, we serve up to 50 people on a Monday evening.

The idea of Oasis came one Sunday evening, 15 years ago, when my wife and I were watching Songs of Praise, in the programme it showed a lady washing the feet of the poor in a Bournemouth cemetery.  We both immediately felt we should serve the poor in our local community with a soup kitchen.

Since we have started we have seen it grow from 7 on the first evening up to 40+.  We serve soup a main meal and sometimes a dessert.

We have seen over the years lives changed for the better.

Our funding in the past has mainly come from the Wolves Trust, Express and Star, yourselves plus other charitable contributions.

The Good Shepherd and The Well Food Bank help us with food when they can.

Once again, from all the recipients who will benefit from your gift a very grateful thank you.

Yours thankfully

Colin & Ann Roe

Oasis Soup Kitchen

For further information, please e mail