Spinal Injuries Association

Thank you to The James Beattie Charitable Trust for your donation of £1,000 in October 2020 towards our Support Network for the spinal cord injured (SCI) community in the West Midlands.

As a valued supporter of the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), whose donation has saved and changed the lives of many people affected by spinal cord injury, I’d like to share with you the below video:


It’s thanks to support from The James Beattie Charitable Trust that we’ve been able to continue helping spinal cord injured people, their families and the healthcare professionals that care for them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for your continued support of our work during what’s been such a challenging time for everyone. You have made it possible for us to keep offering life-changing support and life-saving interventions.

Best wishes,


Hannah Midson-Baker
Fundraising Officer
Tel: 01908 208543 | Off: 01908 604191 (ext: 176)

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