Thank you from the Giggle Doctors

Thank You to the James Beattie Charitable Trust

We are so grateful to the James Beattie Charitable Trust for their continued and generous support for over and amazing ten years! This has supported our Giggle Doctor Programme at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and has meant that our Giggle Doctors have been able to visit hundreds of children in that time.

What we do at

At the Theodora Children’s Charity, we believe that all children have the right to play and have fun. The mission at the heart of our work is to contribute to the wellbeing of all children, and in particular those that are sick, or have special educational needs or disabilities. We do this by providing visits from professional performers, trained to work in a medical environment and with children with complex needs.

Our Giggle Doctors visit children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres across England, as well as digitally through our virtual visit programme. By combining music, play, magic and storytelling, they bring magical moments to children in challenging times. We believe that all children receiving medical care should experience the joy that only a Giggle Doctor can bring.

A Giggle Doctor visit isn’t just about one magical moment. It can have a significant and lasting impact on a child’s well-being and perception of the hospital environment.

“Because of the Giggle Doctors my daughter actually looks forward to coming to hospital for chemotherapy.”

“The Giggle Doctor visits have helped my son to interact as he has developed a phobia of medical staff and the Giggle Doctors have helped him be less scared of people on the ward.”

Marianne Louca
Giggle Doctor Fundraising Manager

T      +44 (0)20 7713 0044
M      +44 (0)7507 729 633

The Theodora Children’s Charity

40 Pentonville Road, N1 9HF London
T      +44 (0)20 7713 0044
Registered charity: 1094532

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Edward’s Trust

Edward’s Trust has been providing vital services to families for over 32 years. The James Beattie Trust has kindly funded us to support children in Wolverhampton who are bereaved of a parent, sibling, grandparent or friend. 2020 has been an especially difficult year for grieving families, and especially for grieving children. Feelings of isolation are common in grief, with the Covid pandemic isolating people even further, and the usual comforting rituals around death – funerals and wakes, hugs from extended family and friends – are restricted. Our support helps children talk about how they are feeling and helps them remember  their loved one in a way that acknowledges the long-term nature of their grief but allows them to live their lives to the fullest.

Emma Wright

Fundraising and Evaluation Manager

Switchboard:  (0121) 456 4838

Listening Books

Listening Books is delighted to have received The James Beattie Trust’s support to deliver our fantastic audiobook service to many people in the local community who find it difficult or impossible to read print due to an impairment, such as arthritis, macular degeneration or dyslexia.  Such fantastic support has helped to spread the joy of reading throughout Wolverhampton via the spoken word.’

We very much appreciate the Trust’s loyal support for our work.

Robert Marchant | Development and Office Manager

12 Lant Street, London, SE1 1QH

020 7407 9417

Reg. Charity No. 264221   Patron: Stephen Fry   The national UK charity providing an audiobook lending service for over 90,000 members with a print impairment.


Canal & River Trust

Canal & River Trust is the charity that looks after and brings to life the nation’s canal network.  We are delighted that the trustees of James Beattie Charitable Trust are supporting our Let’s Fish! project in Wolverhampton. 

Through Let’s Fish! we will deliver free hands-on angling coaching sessions on Wolverhampton’s canals to encourage people of all ages, but especially children and their families to enjoy fishing on their local waterway.  Wolverhampton is blessed with many miles of canals which are within easy walking distance for lots of people.  Fishing is a great way to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of being outside and reconnecting with nature and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

Kind regards

James Dennison

Enterprise Manager (Black Country & Staffordshire)

West Midlands Region

M 07484 912898


Canal & River Trust

Ground Floor, Aqua House, 20 Lionel Street, Birmingham, B3 1AQ

Charity Number 1146792

Hands On Wednesfield

Thanks to the kind and generous donation from the James Beattie Trust, local community volunteer group, Hands On Wednesfield (HOW), were able to purchase and distribute toys to children from families who were facing financial hardship this Christmas..
HOW joined forces with the Christmas Lunch Project, who had identified those in need and had organised a food parcel for 800 families.
The James Beattie Trust donation, along with others, allowed us to fund presents for 140 children in the Wolverhampton area.
A small army of volunteers came to help with gift wrapping and then distribution to the homes of these families, helping to make their Christmas just that little bit more special.
We can’t thank you enough for this donation, which was even more needed in these difficult times.
Simon Archer
Hands On Wednesfield

West Midlands Care Team

Thanks to the kind donation and support from the James Beattie Trust, the West Midlands CARE team are today able to continue in their efforts of providing enhance clinical care to the people of the West Midlands. Volunteering their own time, Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses doubled their efforts to respond to those patients who were critically ill and requiring advanced care, during the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic. By doubling the shifts and responding to more cases, the team consequently doubled it’s spending on outgoing costs in equipment, consumables and fuel. With Covid-19 cases continuing to periodically rise, the team is committed to its role in the pre-hospital environment. The team is financially supported by donations only and it’s through support like this generous donation that the team will continue to work through the winter of 2020.

See our website for further details

Wolverhampton Mencap

A huge THANK YOU to the James Beattie Trust for their kind donation to Wolverhampton Mencap to help support our members who are desperate to return to their sheltered support activities at our Glyn Bank headquarters.  Covid 19 has prevented ALL of the activities such as cookery, arts and crafts, singing classes and woodwork from taking place, as well as our Gateway Club socialising on a Friday evening.  This has meant that Members have been isolated, lonely and often frightened by the world outside their homes.  Our volunteers have continued to produce as many online activities as possible to provide support during this time.

Bal and Jamie proudly showing their walking in Bantock Certificates

A proud Greg with his certificate. Well done!

Recently small groups have been participating in group walks around Bantock Park.

We are now significantly improving our hygiene facilities at G

Glyn Bank so that some sheltered activities can resume in small groups.  Thanks to the James Beattie Trust this can now happen!

Sue Cockhill

Mencap Wolverhampton
Glyn Bank
13 Lloyd Street
T: 01902 744 969 or
Email Us


Bilbrook Initiatives Hub

I wanted to send you an update and some photos and feed

back from the project that the funding the James Beattie Charitable Trust made possible.

The food for families project supported families from the local community that were identified by working with the schools within our area.

70 families were identified (and there could have possibly have been more had we had more time to plan the project) that would struggle with buying food during the 6 week holiday from schools.
We ran 3 sessions (one every 2 weeks) over the summer holidays, and provided these families with basic food cupboard supplies and a few treats for the children to help them to get through, what for some has been an extremely difficult time.
A few of the comments taken from surveys on what the project has helped with from some of the recipients:
‘I don’t have to choose between buying food or paying the bills.  The project has taken a huge weight off me.’
‘With being furloughed, things are really tight, the support of these packages will help us greatly.  Thank you to Sam and the Bilbrook Initiatives Hub.’
‘I can treat my children a little without worrying. Thank you.’
‘We have been shielding for so long, this (food parcels) is really helping us.’
The project has been a great success, with us looking already toward Christmas and if a similar provision will be required then.
But what we do know is that we are grateful once again to the trustees for helping us to make an impact in such a positive way within our local community.  We are thankful for your continued support as we pursue making a difference for those who need the help the most.
Kindest regards
Sam Leedham
Bilbrook Initiatives Hub


Heartcare- Healthy Living

We are thrilled to have been given a generous grant!  Heart Care has been working hard during this health crisis to support vulnerable patients suffering from heart and lung diseases by providing over the phone support and information on social media and our website.

Many patients are elderly and alone and the lockdown has affected their physical and mental health.  However, the team have been able to provide support, health advice and signpost to

any other services that might be of help to them.

Betty, 84 and has been taking part in our

home exercise programme. Having recently come out of hospital with heart problems she had no further follow up appointments pencilled in, feeling abandoned fortunately one of Heart Care’s nurses made contact. Since then the team has scheduled regular calls with Betty saying:

“The calls and chats have been a great help. It felt like a lifeline!”

Best regards
Rina Guddu
Community Fundraiser
Heart Care
07791 152927




Friends Of Bilston Town Hall.

Our grateful thanks to Beattie’s Trust for helping fund the Friends of Bilston Town Hall gardens improvements, 2020.

To tend the gardens during the Covid 19 lockdown was a rewarding occupation in itself as we are unable to feature films in the Town

Hall Ballroom during the present crisis. Both levels of the gardens have matured pleasantly and are greatly appreciated by the townsfolk.

We are trying to entwine local and national celebratory dates within the gardens (such as “Black Country Day” flag flown on 14th July),

National Remembrance Day will be significantly manifested this year.

Thank you for helping transform a neglected area into the town garden of which we are extremely proud.


Best regards,

Astrid Hupperdine,

Friends Of Bilston Town Hall.