Brickkiln Gateway Club

The Club which has been in existence since 1989 became a registered charity in October 2004. The object of the Club is to provide quality leisure time for our 16 Members now over the age of 40years who have a range of disabilities and support needs. Our tailored activities include arts and crafts, cultural themed evenings, indoor gardening, adapted sports and in the summer months visits to nearby places of interest. It is our hope that our activities will enable our Members to become more integrated within the community as a whole and lead to a better understanding of their needs by others. If the Club did not exist many of our Members would not have any meaningful social life. We rely on grants for funding and we are particularly grateful to the James Beattie Charitable Trust for their financial support and encouragement over many years.

Brickkiln Dunstall Gateway Club

Meets: Monday evenings 7.00 to 9.00

For further information about this club please contact Jane Ceresa

Telephone: 01902 330130

Mobile: 07931 316741

EDT (Engineering Development Trust)

Thank you for your letter and kind contribution towards EDT’s Experience Days programme- we greatly appreciate your support.

Your donation will help us to support young people in Wolverhampton at a key stage of their education by delivering 2 Experience Days, enriching pupils’ learning with opportunities to engage with

industry role-models and raise their awareness of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) courses and careers.

Thank you again for your generosity.

Yours Sincerely,

Tess Gallacher

Fundraising Officer, UK

0141 548 4152

Asthma UK

Thank you to the James Beattie Charitable Trust for your generous

donation.This will enable us to offer tailored help and advice to people with asthma in Wolverhampton and across the West Midlands region through the vital work of the Asthma UK Helpline.

An asthma attack can be terrifying. Nearly 7,900 people across the West Midlands were hospitalised by one in 2017-18.

For 168 people in the region in 2017, it was sadly fatal.Asthma UK’s vital Helpline service supports people to manage their condition and prevent life-threatening asthma attacks.

The James Beattie Charitable Trust is helping Asthma UK to continue to offer specialist advice and support to the 390,000 people with asthma across Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. This could help to reduce potential suffering and deaths caused by asthma.I

Once again, thank you for your generous support of our life-changing work.

Yours sincerely,


Tessa Neal, Trust Assistant

Asthma UK, 18 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AA

+44 (0)20 7786 4965 | | @asthmauk

Combat Stress

We are delighted that the James Beattie Charitable Trust has chosen to continue its generous support of Combat Stress. Your recent grant will help to provide community mental health services for veterans in Wolverhampton in 2019/20. The Trustees’ support is most appreciated, particularly when our mental health services for veterans with trauma-related mental health problems, such as PTSD, continue to be highly sought after across the UK. With 90% of our income comprised of voluntary donations, it’s the generosity of organisations such as The James Beattie Charitable Trust that help to ensure veterans can readily access our life-changing treatment. Thank you!

Your sincerely,

George Knight

Trusts and Foundations Assistant

Tyrwhitt House
Combat Stress
01372 587 109

The Kingswood Trust

Children at Kingswood Trust enjoy a breath of fresh air, healthy exercise and opportunities for fun and friendship in the great outdoors. They learn about nature as well as develop their confidence and independence whilst on a residential stay or day visit away from their city lives in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas. Thanks to a grant from The James Beattie Trust, the charity which offers high quality learning outside the classroom opportunities can begin to improve their buildings dating back to the 1930’s through the Trust’s new window and door replacement programme. This will make a stay away from home much improved and maintain the residential accommodation, whilst helping the Trust to become more energy efficient and reduce costs.

Children across the city, many in disadvantaged circumstances have opportunities to explore the Centre’s nine acres of grounds, follow trails, meet the sheep, ducks, chickens and small pets that live on site, learn about wildlife, build dens, climb trees and enjoy freedom in the countryside. Children stay with their school or community group and enjoy family meal times, go on a night walk, sit around the camp fire and make lasting memories.

Rachel Wells Charity Manager said, “This grant from our friends at The James Beattie Trust is essential to enable children, their families

and the wider community to continue to access our much-needed projects for improved education, health and wellbeing. We hope that through publicising this amazing support that other Trusts and Foundations will choose to support Kingswood Trust too. We are very grateful.”

Discover Kingswood

01902 558132.

Small Wonders Stay and Play Group

We would like to thank The James Beattie Trust for sending Small Wonders Stay & Play Group a generous donation.  Small Wonders is run entirely by a team of over 30 dedicated volunteers and is a stay & play group in Wolverhampton which caters for 210 pre-school children & their parents/ carers each Friday.  With this donation we have been able to buy a set of wooden play panels to make a role play corner. It includes a variety of windows & doorways. This has helped us to create an area for different role play experiences including a doctor’s surgery, a garage, a puppet theatre, a vet’s surgery, a post office & a café. This wonderful area has really encouraged the children to take part in role play as they transform into characters like a shop keeper, customer or waiter.  It is a very popular part of our session loved by the children & adults alike.
Thank you for investing in us all we are so grateful.
Kindest Regards
Helen Gamble

Spinal Injuries Association

Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) works to provide spinal cord injured (SCI) people and their families with the tools they need to live independent lives. Thank you to the James Beattie Charitable Trust for supporting SIA’s Peer Support Service in the West Midlands helping SCI people fulfil their potential by empowering them to rebuild their lives after injury. Our Peer Support Officer in the region is spinal cord injured himself and uses his personal experience and knowledge to provide a positive insight into life beyond injury providing practical guidance and emotional support. SIA currently has 39 spinal cord injured members living in Wolverhampton and support is delivered in Spinal Centres, Major Trauma Units, District Hospitals, including New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton and out in the community.

Trusts Co-Ordinator | Spinal Injuries Association
Tel: 01908 604191 Ext: 222 |


SIA House, 2 Trueman Place, Oldbrook, Milton Keynes MK6 2HH
Switchboard 01908 604191 | Freephone Advice Line 0800 980 0501 | Fax 01908 208547 | Website
Registered Charity No 1054097 | Registered Company No 1054097

Black Country Living Museum

Thank you so much to The Board of the Trustees of the James Beattie Charitable Trust for your generous support of the Museum and donation to BCLM: Forging Ahead, in particular the Elephant & Castle pub.

BCLM: Forging Ahead is a transformational project which will see us create a major new Historic Town & Industrial Area set in the 1940s-60s, dedicated learning facilities and a brand new visitor centre. This exciting project will use real things, real people and real stories

A digital drawing of the Elephant & Castle and part of the planned new Historic town

to engage and inspire visitors of all ages, to learn about the Black Country’s heritage, its impact on the world and its relevance today.

At the heart of the new Historic Town there are three key buildings from Wolverhampton; the Elephant & Castle pub, Lea Road Infant Welfare Centre and Spring Hill Post Office. These buildings will be either replicated (structure still in existence) or recreated (structure no longer exists). They will play a central role in bringing to life previously untold stories of social, cultural, commercial and industrial life in the Black Country during the 1940s-60s; celebrate the diverse yet shared heritage of our communities; and display items from our unique collection in their original settings for the first time.

I look forward to keeping the trust updated with news of the project as it develops.

With best wishes,

Sophie Howell

Development Manager

Black Country Living Museum

Mobile: 07921 439695

Phone: 0121 557 9643 (extension 242)



Substance Matters

Dear Trustees at the James Beattie Charitable Trust

We at Substance Matters would like to thank you all very much for the very kind donation of £2,000 to our organisation, your ongoing support is much appreciated by all the volunteers and the many clients who attend our service.The clients that visit our service are mainly over 35 years of age and the eldest are actually in their 70s, they are isolated and have very little if no family contact, so having a warm, friendly environment to visit is vital to their wellbeing. The winter months and the Christmas period can be a very lonely time for these very vulnerable people, so it is so important to make them feel wanted, cared for and to help give them something of a Homely experience at this time of year. We at the drop in centre all want for our clients to have at least one day that resembles what we consider to be a normal family Christmas lunch, with all the tables decorated and everyone receiving a gift, that includes practical items and some treats. James Beattie has helped us to do this over the last 4 years and for this we are extremely grateful.

I hope some of this is suitable for you to use in your publicity, if you would like any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me. Also below you have a picture of me and some volunteers and some of the clients, I hope this is suitable. If you would like some photos from the Christmas lunch I would be happy to send them on to you after the event.

Again thank you so very much for your ongoing support, this helps so many of our clients and enables us to give them the right assistance at this time of year.

Sue Chrestan

Tel: 07957 815876


Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward is a community initiative devised and organised by the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton.

Its unique fundraising concept took three years to develop and, since 2013, has raised Over £140,000 for the benefit of needy causes in and around our city.  A special feature of the event is that it is also used by other groups to raise and retain funds for their own use.

The essential driver in making the event possible is the support of some 40 Patrons – community minded companies and organisations which donate the funds necessary to make it happen.

One of the first, and most significant, Patrons to pledge support for Best Foot Forward was The James Beattie Charitable Trust and their importance to the event is readily, and gratefully, acknowledged.

For more information about Best Foot Forward, take a few minutes to visit